A web application for constructing dashboards.

An Easier Way to Create Dashboards

Cyclotron is a platform for creating and hosting dashboards, independent of any single data source. It's a batteries-included solution for loading and visualizing data without programming. It's the CMS of dashboarding.

Open Source Platform

Cyclotron is an open-source project, with the entire source code available to view and download on GitHub. With the full source available, it can easily be modified and adapted as needed. It is released under the MIT License.

It was created by Expedia, Inc., and development and maintenance is on-going. Contributions from the larger open-source community are also welcomed—see here.

Example Dashboard

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Cyclotron provides the framework and plumbing needed to quickly create new Dashboards.

Data Sources & Widgets

Cyclotron includes several Data Sources and Widget types to load and visualize data.

Programming Not Required

Web development experience not required; Cyclotron takes a declarative approach to specifying the configuration of a Dashboard and has hundreds of properties for customization.


Go beyond the standard Widgets by embedding custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.